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Hannah Rosengren 2013

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© unknown author - afghan pavilion for expo 2015 - milan, italy

Urban satellite (null)


Balazs Mate. En Masse.

Balázs Máté’s latest series ‘en masse’ shows stunning clean pictures of people, who seem to float in the nowhere of a white snowy landscape. When observed from a distance, the masses of people seem to become a pattern, randomly formed according to the incidental objects and obstacles of the urban environment. The arrangement of individuals divested from their original environment, and put on a blank paper with transfer technique, implies the supposition of their urban space; however, as the points of reference become invisible, their movements become parody-like, and their scurry, pointless. At the same time, one can see how easy it is to stay lonely in the crowd.



Ark Nova by Arata Isozaki + Anish Kapoor | via

‘ark nova’, the world’s first inflatable concert hall, will soon tour areas of japan that were devastated in the 2011 earthquake and tsunami. designed by british sculptor anish kapoor and japanese architect arata isozaki, the mobile structure will host world-class concerts, workshops, and both traditional and contemporary performance as part of the lucerne festival ark nova. the balloon-like architecture is stationed in matsushima city, which is still healing after being struck by the natural disaster, and the team behind its creation hopes to deliver encouragement and positivity in the form of music. the temporary structure holds about 500 people, whose luminescent purple walls create a billowing interior fitted with handcrafted benches and a stage.

Photography: Lucerne Festival

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© marazzi architetti - new municipal stadium - siena, italy - 2004